Accepted Papers

Invited Talks
73Marko Tkalcic. Complementing Behavioural Modeling with Cognitive Modeling for Better Recommendations
75Robin Burke. Fairness is not a number: Methodological implications of the politics of fairness-aware systems
x Robert West. Brevity*
Nominees for Best Paper Award
6Laurel Powell, Anna Gelich and Zbigniew Ras. The Construction of Action Rules to Raise Artwork Prices
16Jinfu Ren, Yang Liu and Jiming Liu. Metric-Guided Multi-Task Learning
46Katarzyna Biesialska, Magdalena Biesialska and Henryk Rybiński. Sentiment Analysis with Contextual Embeddings and Self-Attention
Nominees for Best Student Paper Award
55Adam Gabriel Dobrakowski, Agnieszka Mykowiecka, Małgorzata Marciniak, Wojciech Jaworski and Przemysław Biecek. Interpretable Segmentation of Medical Free-Text Records Based on Word Embeddings
21Stefan Plappert, Paul Christoph Gembarski and Roland Lachmayer. Decision-Making with Probabilistic Reasoning in Engineering Design
59Tomaž Stepišnik and Dragi Kocev. Hyperbolic embeddings for hierarchical multi-label classification
Natural Language Processing
70Radomir Popovic, Florian Lemmerich and Markus Strohmaier. Joint Multiclass Debiasing of Word Embeddings
11Alexander Chernyavskiy and Dmitry Ilvovsky. Recursive Neural Text Classification using Discourse Tree Structure for Argumentation Mining and Sentiment Analysis Tasks
29Sergiu Gordea. Named Entity Recommendations to Enhance Multilingual Retrieval in
57Elio Masciari, Vincenzo Moscato, Antonio Picariello and Giancarlo Sperlì. A Deep Learning Approach to Fake News Detection
39Yue Zhou, Yan Zhang and Jingtao Yao. Satirical News Detection with Semantic Feature Extraction and Game-theoretic Rough Sets
Deep Learning & Embeddings
69Tiago Mendes-Neves and João Mendes-Moreira. Comparing state-of-the-art neural network ensemble methods in soccer predictions
13Jacek Grekow. Static Music Emotion Recognition Using Recurrent Neural Networks
34Annalisa Appice, Francesco Lomuscio, Antonella Falini, Cristiano Tamborrino, Francesca Mazzia and Donato Malerba. Saliency detection in hyperspectral images using autoencoder-based data reconstruction
18Qi Tan, Yang Liu and Jiming Liu. Mesoscale Anisotropically-Connected Learning
54Tomislav Duricic, Hussain Hussain, Emanuel Lacic, Dominik Kowald, Denis Helic and Elisabeth Lex. Empirical Comparison of Graph Embeddings for Trust-Based Collaborative Filtering
20Konrad Ciecierski. Neural spike sorting using unsupervised adversarial learning
Digital Signal Processing
5Saketh Saxena, Philip Heller, Amanda Kahn and Ivano Aiello. Poriferal Vision: Classifying benthic sponge spicules to assess historical impacts of marine climate change
74Ning Dong, Yusuke Hatae, Muhammad Fikko Fadjrimiratno, Tetsu Matsukawa and Einoshin Suzuki. Experimental Evaluation of GAN-Based One-Classs Anomaly Detection on Office Monitoring
47Szymon Zaporowski and Bozena Kostek. Ranking Speech Features for their Usage in Singing Classification
17Corrado Loglisci, Marco Zappatore, Antonella Longo, Mario Bochicchio and Donato Malerba. Leveraging Machine Learning in IoT to predict the trustworthiness of Mobile Crowd Sensing data
72Ayman Hajja and Justin Willis. A Hierarchical-Based Web-Platform for Crowdsourcing Distinguishable Image Patches
1Marcus Bloice, Peter Roth and Andreas Holzinger. Performing Arithmetic Using a Neural Network Trained on Digit Permutation Pairs
Modelling & Reasoning
40Edi Muskardin, Ingo Pill and Franz Wotawa. CatIO – Framework for Model Based Diagnosis of Cyber-Physical Systems
3Juba Agoun and Mohand-Saïd Hacid Mohand-Saïd Hacid. Data Publishing: Availibility of data under Security Policies – Preliminary work
35Seda Polat Erdeniz, Ralph Samer and Muesluem Atas. Matrix Factorization based Heuristics Learning for Solving Constraint Satisfaction Problems
43Franz Wotawa and Lorenz Klampfl. Explaining object motion using answer set programming
10Stefano Ferilli and Domenico Redavid. The GraphBRAIN System for Knowledge Graph Management and Advanced Fruition
62Florian Lemmerich, Christoph Kiefer, Benedikt Langenberg, Jeffry Cacho Aboukhalil and Axel Mayer. Mining Exceptional Mediation Models
Machine Learning Applications
60Tomaž Stepišnik and Dragi Kocev. Multivariate predictive clustering trees for classification
41Nicolas Wagner, Violaine Antoine, Jonas Koko, Marie-Madeleine Mialon, Romain Lardy and Isabelle Veissier. Comparison of Machine Learning Methods to Detect Anomalies in the Activity of Dairy Cows
4Mieczysław Kłopotek and Robert Kłopotek. Clustering Algorithm Consistency in Fixed Dimensional Spaces
58Matej Petković, Michelangelo Ceci, Kristian Kersting and Saso Dzeroski. Estimating the Importance of Relational Features by using Gradient Boosting
52Xingjian Liu, Fan Zhang, Xianghua Li, Chao Gao and Jiming Liu. Multi-objective Discrete Moth-Flame Optimization for Complex Network Clustering
28Martin Breskvar and Saso Dzeroski. Predicting associations between proteins and multiple diseases
Short Papers
19Erich Teppan and Markus Zanker. Exploiting Answer Set Programming for Building Explainable Recommendations
23Andreas Falkner, Alexander Schörghuber and Gottfried Schenner. Tailoring Random Forest for Requirements Classification
26Troels Andreasen, Henrik Bulskov and Jørgen Fischer Nilsson. On the Design of a Natural Logic System for Knowledge Bases
48Julian Tritscher, Markus Ring, Daniel Schlör, Lena Hettinger and Andreas Hotho. Evaluation of post-hoc XAI approaches through synthetic tabular data
56Konstantin Kobs, Michael Steininger, Albin Zehe, Florian Lautenschlager and Andreas Hotho. SimLoss: Class Similarities in Cross Entropy
64Mikkel Pedersen, Henning Christiansen and Nessn Asawi. Efficient and Precise Classification of CT Scannings of Renal Tumors using Convolutional Neural Networks
66Francesco Scicchitano, Angelica Liguori, Massimo Guarascio, Ettore Ritacco and Giuseppe Manco. Deep Autoencoder Ensembles for Anomaly Detection on Blockchain
Industry Session Papers (to be announced here)